LED Lighting


LED Outdoor Lighting

It is pretty safe to say that LED lighting isn’t a fad and is here to stay. Tranquility Lighting Design embraces this change with open arms and an open mind. We account for CCT (correlated color temperture) readings as well as CRI (color rendering index) values when selecting our LEDs. Let us sort through all the technical data and information in order to bring you the highest quality products that will complement your home and landscape for years to come

LED Indoor Lighting

Are you looking to reduce your electrical costs and “Go Green” at your home or office? Have you walked down the light bulb isle in a box store lately and been befuddled by the wide selection of LED light bulbs? Tranquility Lighting Design offers a wide variety of LED retrofit lamps specific to your personal preferences and lighting situations. Don’t waste your hard earned money on LED lamps only to find they are “that awful color” you hate. We will take ALL of the guess work out of cutting your energy costs and making your indoor and outdoor lighting systems highly efficient!

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